Modern staircases – practical advice on the use of the area under the stairs

More and more moves the question of practical use of the area under the staircase in the Center of the attention of designers and architects. This resulted in so many practical and visually appealing solutions! That’s great and we want you to as many as possible show of these.

the stairs at home exploit the area including

A number of functions can be associated to the space under the stairs. This could be for example a sanitary area, wardrobe technical room. It is important that you win as much space as possible.Therefore, you should consider the construction made of brick or plasterboard into consideration. If the staircase is too low for such solutions, you should not be disappointed. You can set up still a wardrobe department. In all cases, look to the exterior design well into the entire room writes .

create a great unusual relaxation corner


Either should these in the same or in a contrasting color if you like books, this place is quite welcome.So can your guests in the Hall with wonderful books you simply receive look this fabulous window recess with a table and some chairs in front of it! We find this design simply fabulous or perhaps lacks a great reading at home? Another variant would be there to set up a zone for TV watching.Maybe one second, for these cases, where all others look the program which you don’t like there could find books and lie down comfortably and read.

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The module stairs are becoming increasingly popular. You get not only the area under this benefit, but also the stairs themselves. This can be used for example as drawers. In all cases, it is a must, the space under the modern design to give stairs of a function. Because it has less area and clever design sets out ergonomic solutions. Look around you, what is not enough space and fill the space under the stairs makes sense! See following modern stairs, and enjoy these original proposals!

a beautiful corner under the stairs

exploit modern stairs to the room

make modern stairs schhränke including

make modern stairs shelving for crockery

modern staircase the area under the stair room

modern staircase zusetzliche function

relaxation corner under the stairs

stair staircase design workspace to create

stairs ideas decorative function

useful ideas for living stairs drawers

utilize the space under the stairs