Modern planting rooftop Becomes a green roof garden

The architect votrong Nghia architects and ICADA have designed a modern hotel with a white facade and at extraordinary pitch roofs. The House is located in the coastal town of Nha Trang in Vietnam and has a stepped roof terrace with planting, Which brings nature to the city. The roof garden is divided into areas with greening and roof tiles, to comply with local regulations.

House interior living room wooden ceiling large windows promising green garden

The rooftop planting is complemented by a green fence, together to create a green oasis in the city. The white painted brick stones are used for the facade, as well as in the interior and visually beautiful to combine with the different plants and tropical trees. The Interior is modernly decorated, with wood floors and ceilings, did ” follow the parallel stripes of the roof. The large windows offer views of the garden and Provide a natural light anywhere in the House.

roof garden planting green nature plant clinker stones white facade

The planted roof is designed as on extension of the living quarters of the House and offers great outdoor areas for relaxation and entertainment. There is a gap THEREFORE secured with railings, Which can be seen from the Interior and additional light in the living areas in the middle of the desk roof.

roof garden planting green oasis planted fence modern house

Compared to the houses from the rest of the neighborhood, striking the House with roof terrace with planting and looks like a small park. The residents and guests of Their a splendid view over the hills and coastline of the town Nha Trang and Their environment can enjoy on the roof garden.

roof garden planting greenhouse lookout city nha trang vietnam

roof garden planting make modern green roof garden Kohkan

roof garden planting modern architecture house white façade

roof garden planting modern green roof garden beets lean to roof