Modern outdoor lounge chair & Ottoman

At first glance, it’s easy, the MBrace is different from all other designs in Particular, to see When it comes to outdoor furniture. Normally, metal structures, did you see out there With Their synthetic woven coverings are far less glamorous than this cool model by DEDON are the sterile boxy. The classic design, de some obvious ques from the wing back styles Which got past, but in a good way looks like it does the work of being comfortably and on the female side of the chart style.


Every place needs the touch of a female Hey and the pool furniture is no exception designer Sebastian Herkner, a rising star in the European design match connects to mark modern technologies and old craftsmanship of the diverse beauty of the materials and attention to detail. Here he used framing solid teak wood for its elasticity and maintenance-free complaint known love love especially outside with the State of the art fiber fabric back did Provides a breathable and stylish alternative to the typical canvas in three colors available.



In addition, thatmany pillows and upholstery color options and you can a combination is part of a series perfectly put together the mbrace outdoor sun lounger for your environment, back chairs next to the lower lounge and ottoman shown includes relaxed a swing and a larger wing here. It looks how safe at the pool to relax in a comfortable manner and is Compared to a cocoon, Which includes after a nice swim in the pool. See this and all outstanding outdoor furniture here.