Modern Luxury Furniture

Fendi is a large successful fashion company for their high quality products – clothes and modern luxury furniture has been known around the world. The company was founded in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi, and has become famous and popular for the exquisite Models. At that time standim center of the production, the collection of handbags, which were very popular among the Italian elite. In 1946, the five daughters have inherited the company and the fashion company developed successfully.

Orange colored Italian furniture

Apart from the successful perfumes and clothes Fendi has also lately modern luxury furniture manufactures. The Fendi Casa Home Collection is the result of cooperation between Fendi and another company – Clubhouse Italy – emerged. Together, the companies are trying to create in modern home a stylish ambience full of beautiful modern luxury furniture. The models are produced exclusively from the highest quality materials. Leather and fur are combined in an exciting way so that these magnificent designs originate there. The interesting combinations will give an elegant look to any room.

beige furniture luxury interior design


black mini bar luxury furniture

Diamand bed Fendi

exclusively Kristalkronleuchter Fendi

Italian designer modern luxury furniture

Krystal chairs white dining room

Living Room Design Persian Rug Fendi

modern black leather sofa

Patio furniture Fendi