Modern living on several levels – open living spaces

Multiple levels and open living spaces characterize this detached house in Singapore as an example for contemporary interior design. Modern living just a guess behind the white sight protection panels and the fence remains seen from the outside. The living room and other common areas are located in a basement, under this level. Center on the ground floor place the indoor garden and gives fresh touch to the whole ambience of the House.

modern living house floors outside road

The staircase has been at the center of the House, leads to the other levels and spaces. The cavity is transformed in the middle of the shaped inner staircase to the inner garden. Just about on the roof, a roof window lets through useful light for the plants. All rooms are decorated in bright colours and all the walls in white are painted. As a result, no light is lost and the living space looks visually bigger. Small and large flower pots with plants adorn corners and create a cosy atmosphere with fresh natural touch.

living modern premises open interior garden Andre staircase living


The living quarters stretching over different level and allow different views and point through the panoramic Windows. On the both sides of the House are two small gardens – one is located directly in front of the living room, the other – before the dining room. The last is prepared with a small pool and view protection panels with ventilation as a chill-out area. One feels surrounded green in a modern way, plants and fresh fit for living in the city.

modern living house outside view stage garden trees

modern living open living room privacy panels red couch

modern living premises open bedroom balcony plants wooden floor

modern living premises open dining room staircase inside garden tree

modern living premises open garden garden furniture lawn chairs trees

modern living premises open interior garden flat floor

modern living premises open interior garden plants stairs cowardly white

modern living premises open interior garden wooden floor couch flower pot plants

modern living premises open living room couches seat furniture carpet brown

modern living premises open plants indoor garden stairs flat floors lighting

modern living premises open staircase floors several levels

modern small outdoor living premises open courtyard pool