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If the Lamborghini would build houses, its models might look a bit ‘as this spectacular modern home on the island of Rhodes in Greece. In fact, this design is the result of Hornung and Jacobi Architecture from Hamburg in Germany. Most notable for his profound respect for the environment, Hornung Jacobi and demonstrate their application to a standart model, which incorporates various echo techniques such as temperature regulation, through the use of lightweight construction materials and harnessing the benefits of hydro Evaporation from the pool. 

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This building suitable for modern home also facilitates a chimney effect that passes through integrated ducts from the base plate in the garage to an opening in the roof mechanized, resulting in an effective cooling throughout the home.

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The realization of environmental objectives is the biggest success of the project of this modern home, but this does not detract from the impression of luxury that makes the house from the aesthetic point of view. Be careful not to dominate the landscape, the primary objective of the project of the modern house is to serve as a backdrop for the breathtaking scenery of the Mediterranean Sea. Achieves this effect by channeling the lines of the landscape in its own linear composition and promotes cohesion continuing those lines through its elegant interior, which deprive themselves of windows.

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The outdoor furniture, which are often an afterthought end, here are a considerable part of the design philosophy built this modern home. Elegant white and illuminated by reflected blue of the swimming pool, the furniture act as a modern interpretation of the traditional Greek palette and be allowed to dominate the otherwise bare interior spaces through the incorporation of glass walls, such as the master bedroom.

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