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The recreation area in the garden is an essential part of every outdoor area, especially in summer, where you spend the leisure Outdoor lounging! We have shown already many different garden furniture and living landscapes. And today do we continue to develop this topic and some designers like to give you solutions!

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Nu-Ovo – an egg-shaped structure that can serve many purposes, but let’s be but honestly, especially invites us to a NAP outdoors! Paolo Maldotti has designed it for Tisettanta and we love this idea! 09406 outdoor daybed designed by Usona home, a cozy piece of braided structure.

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It’s shaped like a nest, Framura Nido SEZGIN Aksu de Padova and Silvia Suardi created and is equipped with soft cushions for even more comfort.
Surf is specially created a winding, smooth bed by Karim Rashid for Vondom. The flowing form looks similar to ocean waves and has curves that you embrace literally. Cacoon is a tent-like structure that you can attach to a tree in the backyard or in the forest. This design is available for one or two persons.
If you want to leave all your worries behind, your opportunities for relaxation are really amazing. How you WAVE by Erik Nyberg, Gustav Ström and Kris Van Puyvelde designed for Royal Botania?

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The puzzle set by ego Paris is available with nine pieces, but you can purchase it separately yet. If you put them together, a jigsaw puzzle is made, but if they are taken apart, you get an own lounge to relax.Solpuri’s lagoon by Klaus Nolting designed is a stylish daybed with sunscreen for outdoor use.
BELANKA named, developed these suspended beds, Transamac. You give a feeling of weightlessness.

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Well, this looks like a colorful potato chip, but it’s actually a padded swing to relax. Gisbert b is the genius behind this project.Emanuele Magini has designed Munatius, a convertible units that can be used as two armchairs and a comfortable bed. Munatius is designed for Campeggi completed made of polyurethane foam and with a colourful Elastanbezug.

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