Mirror frames full color

Full color frames mirror one of the varied ways of giving life to a decoration is through accessories, and can find lot this Among mirrors, accessories to decorate the faithful House. In This case, we’re going to, Although in September to more specific part of These snap-ins: frames. With them we will be reliable to introduce color in each room, and do it in an easy, comfortable and affordable way to pocket. Let This part of the mirror to take all the strength of color to decorative, breaking the monotony and enriching end the style.

color mirror frames

The color you choose to decorate the frame of your mirror (that you can buy yourselves Either paint) Have to harmonize With the rest of the decor. If, for example, We have a room in shades of muted, Brown or raw, the strength of a violet enter as elegant as an sophisticated nuance.

colored framed mirror


Black is always a classic, color That can combine with white in any room and a perfect harmony Which Guarantees. The Orange, meanwhile, is great in rooms of raw, beige, white and gray tones. If the corner That we are going to decorate is in shades of cuttlefish, a two-tone frame in white and black May be the best option, Especially if the style is recreated rustic or vintage.

colored glass mirror frames

As it is vintage this spherical mirror of foot Also, in Brown. It contrasts With warmth and color of the design of the sofa. And green vintage For This mirror made of old window, and decorated with shells and flowers, we can add other details to That These accessories.

colored frame mirror

Finally, Browning introduces glamor in the spaces. We can combine it With This tone ranges or yellow or orange with colors: such as ,, Also, Although Green is very flattering.

colored mirror frames

colorful mirror framed mirror

colorful mirror frames

mirror with colored glass frame