Minimalist Living Room

Change style! Today I give you some decorating ideas for your minimalist living room. Minimalism is the tendency to reduce to essentials. It is spacious and serene generate, dominated the elementary forms, clean lines in the design of the elements and neutral colors. White, raw, gray and black are the protagonists of the spaces.


Sofas and chaise longue isolated on a wall or placed in the lounge area. In its design dominated by straight lines and plain colors and neutral, either in leather or fabric. It can incorporate a supplement, such as cushions or plaids .
Placing single or combination of low and horizontal furniture, wall panel televisions and furniture to hang suspended. Choosing furniture and clean lines formed by elementary geometry. Austerity in ornamentation and accessories.

When choosing set of table and chairs, built models can be found in a single material and the same tone, for example, lacquered wood. On the other hand, the combination can be produced of different materials, such as lacquered wood, stainless steel or glass.


In the dining area always practical to have a sideboard, placed on a wall or separating spaces. When placed on a wall, it can be the same color, where furniture and blend wall, or search a contrast. You can find plenty of models, all with very pure and geometric designs.

In the lounge area, in a quiet corner, nice and bright, you can create a reading space. The chair, the table and the shelf are the best features. As you can see, some units incorporate various functions, such as table and storage for books or, in the other case, shelving and room dividers.

Less is more! Minimalism can not be described better. A living room is minimalist in style when you can be objective and convenient. Here we bring you some living rooms design minimalist . There is no mess and no details on the way .

A minimalist room should be focal points. It can be a sofa , a window or a candlestick. There may be several focal points that link the rest of the decor and not leave the room looking aussi empty. All details of minimalist decor case. Furniture minimum Minimum of furniture will help keep the living room clean and open. A large sofa and armchair can be enough for a living room set if it is sufficient for the inhabitants. Choose a coffee table or ottoman with hidden storage year to keep magazines, remotes and other small items. storage storage use to keep things concealed out of sight and disorder. Because minimalism does not prevent many details required. The TV bracket provide a storage space for Canadian dollars declaration, thin colored walls cabinets will not object to the background out and therefore draw attention . rooms being in a minimalist style :







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Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Modern Living Room






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