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If you look at our Web site now, you will find that here in a great manner such as Christmas decorations and modern terrace design intermingle. This is not random at all. On the contrary: we want to like to contribute something to your good mood. In the winter, this is especially important if the weather out there not always plays with?

cushion pads beige interior and exterior design hearth

On the one hand, we want that you can enjoy the beautiful Christmas with fullest. This is of course this by engaging topics such as decorating and design itself. Furthermore, we find that it is important for all people, as much time on the fresh air outside, so to spend outside your own four walls. Why is the excellent facilities of the winter terraces, which offer this, of fundamental importance. There is a comfortable furniture and upholstery, which are typical for outdoor use.

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Today, we want to make again for a little summer mood! Let’s discuss about cushions. Would you like it? What is the role of cushions in outdoor areas?

cushion pads design beige garden outdoor furniture

Many people want to outside on the terrace or veranda, no matter whether covered or not as well feel like inside. The padding can help that this can be achieved only with very simple furniture. You can also Spice up the indoor and outdoor area with cushions. You can make suitable garden furniture for indoor use in the winter. Last but not least, you can change the mood quickly by cushions. Because immediately there is an absolutely new and great atmosphere with a different color. Fresh ideas for the terrace is achieved by padding We have chosen us for today many examples of upholstery, which can be termed quite honestly “fresh”.

cushion pads design fresh green

Mix coloured pattern
Here we have the mix of different patterns and colors. Upholstery in grey against a green background The combination of green and grey is fresh here.

cushion pads dark gray stylish design

Upholstery in many nuances
The scale on the left shows how many different padding can be used for the Spice it up in the same area of the garden.Because wicker furniture are often neutral in themselves, one can say that practically all combinations are possible. Not fresh works Upholstery in tropical ambience

cushion pads design interior and exterior furniture

The entire design is fresh here. But the padding not little to contribute. White padding in the garden What will you experience in a Zen Garden? How would like to behave there, so that it relaxes the best? Preferably you should retire and enjoy the atmosphere, we can find. That’s why white are one of the best ideas, which can exist in such cases

cushion pads design modern light gray

Upholstery in fresh blue The swing bed itself is one of the warmest and most beautiful materials, which can be made of wood -. You picked a wonderful blue upholstery, which can bring virtually a piece of heaven on Earth Lawn in front of the sea view with great neutral upholstery These pads bring two great benefits. Firstly, they are neutral enough to make us enjoy the lawn. In addition, they correspond with the great view of the sea and bring them closer to us.

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