make a decoration with wood disks – 30 beautiful DIY ideas

decoration with wood disks hangs door sign leather-bound decoupage roses welcome

Who for his home would like to create a particularly beautiful decoration, applies best nature materials? First of all, wood possesses a pleasant radiant emittance which allows looking much more pleasant every living-room immediately. Who possesses, however, no talent to the slice or for similarly skilled works or simply does not have at a disposal the fitting tools, something else can probably let occur there.
And here the wood discs popular everywhere come to the game which gives to buy it also finished cut. We have put together some ideas for decoration with the wood discs which you can also do problem-free in our current article for you.
decoration with wood disks butterflies of branches stick decoration idea
All the same, whether you cut discs from of wood or use finished wood discs to the tinkering, the results of your Bastelprojekte will look guaranteed uniquely. Lightly obliquely cut wood discs can be used for the form of butterflies. For this decoration with wood discs, you stick the discs simply in thin twigs.
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