Loft: Tips for decorating a loft

Decorating a loft can be quite complicated Side that decorating a traditional home. In Plans and decoration we will give you some ideas that will help you know how to decorate your loft .


A loft is a perfect space for a minimalist style and modern . The simplicity, the use of pure geometric forms in the selection of furniture and light colors are some of the aspects that highlight this decorative style and also provide light and space to your home. The mixture of the bank with the black has become a rather elegant alternative for decoration, but if the loft is reduced measures had better discard this option.



It is advisable to use as predominant color  white or light shades. Turn the possibility of a splash of color to the spaces and the best idea for a loft providing there is only one of prominence by painting the walls in a dark color.
You must have full attention on the division of space and have to decide if you want to create new rooms or establish some separation between them ..
You’ll have to choose¬† furniture that are practical, that serve to keep all tidy and kept things without overburden space.
In small spaces can generate a greater feeling of spaciousness, with the technique of placing mirrors . Put on a large wall mirror the same style as the other decorative elements of the room. You can place it in front of a window to project daylight and illuminate the place.
Tables are ideal to decorate any space in a loft , you may use large boxes in bright colors to decorate the white walls.