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Industrial exit, exit… This modern loft of 98 sqm is dressed in a spirit Deco family house, sprinkled with rustic buttons. It is nestled under the roof of the train Ragged school located at number 47 of the Union Street in London.

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A loft is characterized by a wide space, without just walls, which we will have to adapt to our needs, since in the majority of cases are spaces that were not designed as a dwelling. A challenge for those who want to exercise their creativity, since you can create true works of art from simple and airy spaces.

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The main problem with which are those who dare to adapt a loft is the use of space; There are so few walls and not have different rooms, is our imagination which has to create different environments within a same stay, without any feeling of overloaded and giving feeling of integrity. Therefore the planning of what we want, and the distribution of furniture, is key.

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One of the first things that we must bear in mind is the lighting. It is ideal to take advantage of the natural luminosity that usually have such places. It is a good idea to use different types of lamps and shades to differentiate areas. Suspended lamps are ideal for focus points of light, but are reserved to those lofts with high ceilings to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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One of the major allies that we have to give greater depth and sense of space are the colors of the walls; the white and neutral colors are perfect to give a feeling of greater scope, and also combine with any other color that you like.

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There is a wide range of possibilities to separate environments, being the most used the screens and room dividers. We can also use base units, which in addition to serving as furniture, contribute to create separation between environments. Horizontal dressers and modular compositions typical of kitchens, burst with force in the living room.

Finally, to achieve the typical minimalist decoration of these homes, we need large storage capacity, functional and simple design furniture. The best choice are the closed furniture, where you can save all kinds of objects while they are in sight. We must prevent showcases and shelves, which give a more Baroque and sometimes, even a sense of disorder.

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