Little tricks to sell better

The housing market is in trouble because the buyers are few. But sometimes you just “redo the trick” to an apartment to get a better price and in less time Redo the look to your own home is possible even with reduced time and cost. In certain situations it may be a good investment, for example in the case where we want to sell or rent our property. Interventions designed to arouse interest in potential customers will help us to sell at the best price and in less time than you are used to in a situation where the real estate market does not show active. Investing on the old house proves to be a resource for the new one. This also applies to all those circumstances where a quick but thorough makeover is needed to cope with new housing needs, as a destination, the opportunity to work from home or simply because you want to revolutionize the context a bit ‘dated.


The facilities
inspected plants: without redoing the whole plant system, however, verify that it is in good condition. We replace the switch that “fry” the leaky faucet or clogged siphon

The entrance to
have the furniture of the entrance area and the living area so inviting to come in and give the impression of confusion or a small space; better then some furniture in less or a sofa, a bit ‘smaller that find themselves in an environment immediately stuffy

Out with the old
Let’s throw that is not needed or is now ruined and then take care of the finishing and decoration. Let us remember that, in the event of a sale, people react in an emotional way and immediately as you enter the house, so let’s hit their imaginary

The colors
we use colors and materials suitable to our tastes if the redesign is suitable for us or to target customers in the event of sale or rent. We consider that, in this second case, it will be important to understand who we are targeting. If you have a studio, for example, we orient ourselves on singles and young couples opt for more vivid colors

The kitchen
we can give new life to the kitchen by simply replacing the old doors and keeping the main structure. The tiles on the wall dated and ruined, including the worktop and wall units, can be covered with a new sheet of opaque glass or metal, or painted with enamels and submit. Considering the increasing demand for solutions furnished or semi-furnished, include in the sale a functional kitchen and renovated can really make a difference

The lights
us ensure that the living area is well lit at both natural and artificial

The bathroom
A very important thing is the bathroom. It does not matter that it is small: it is vital that it is functional and that gives a sense of relaxation. If necessary, to a greater availability of space, it may be convenient to have the health otherwise. In this case to the problem of unloading the toilet drain by one wall instead of the floor. This environment is usually one of the most expensive, but it is also one of those where it is better to invest a little ‘more than to be dissatisfied after a partial renovation

The outdoor
Even outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces and balconies, must be considered during the restyling.  fences and railings and we have the necessary furniture to enjoy the outdoor area depending on the space we have available. Remember to give due attention to the green: an outdoor area treated can be a good business card for your entire house

The sofa changes its look
Sometimes it takes little to redo the look of the house: for example, buy a new sofa or if  frame and cushions are still good

Rehabilitating the walls
Modification areas with infiltration of moisture or where the plaster is peeling and renew with paints, stickers or wallpaper