Lighting tips for your dining room

Whether you’re having a casual meal or a formal dinner party, a beautiful, functional light fixture in your dining room not only adds a little wow factor to your home, but can make a difference in how your guests look and feel. Here are a few things to remember when selecting an over-the table light fixture.
Consider the space: If, as in many homes today, your dining room is a multi-functional space used both for entertaining and day-to-day family meals, an elegant crystal chandelier may look out of place. You can achieve a similar look but with a fun and funky touch by opting for a chandelier in a vibrant colour to complement your decor.

For a rustic, contemporary feel, choose a chandelier made of reclaimed materials such as driftwood, or a simple grouping of hanging glass globes. For a more traditional, casual look, opt for a wrought-iron hanging fixture with white fabric shades.
Mind the size: A good rule of thumb is that the width of an over-the-table light fixture should be roughly a foot less than the width of the table itself. And to make sure your guests can still see each other across the table, but don’t have light shining in their eyes, it should not hang lower than thirty inches from the tabletop.
Mood lighting is a must: Overly bright, harsh lighting can be unflattering, particularly as the sun goes down. While you may want a brighter light during the day (or if your kids are doing homework at the table), make sure your dining-room fixture is on a dimmer switch so the light can be lowered as needed to complement, rather than overpower, candlelight. If you feel you’d still like more light in the room, consider sconces on an adjacent wall or place a small, soft globe lamp on your sideboard.