Lighting best outdoor spaces in your home

As winter approaches, dark earlier. GE Lighting offers light the fronts of homes with appropriate technology, to increase the sense of security without increasing consumption and aesthetics observingAs part of GE Lighting actions done to educate people on responsible consumption in lighting,   the company offers for this winter keep homes well lit without spending much money, understanding that the need for good quality of artificial light increases when the days get shorter.


Next, the company lists several tips, plus help to increase visibility, improve the ambience of the facades:

Savings: many people reduces external light in order to save electricity. However, GE Lighting offers a wide range of efficient alternative energy saving, such as lámpras or E-Biax Biax. Remember that the more enlightened you are outside your home, the more confident you will feel when you enter or leave your home.

Quality: to have a good quality lighting fixtures install two types: first, in engines put small saving lamps, as the T2 of 8, 15 and 19 watts. These lamps generate savings of 80% to 92% energy, illuminating the same as the traditional 100-watt incandescent. On the other hand, add power with perimeter lighting, installing Quartz Halogen reflectors Deq (or ECO TECH). The latter can be associated with the sensors on and off based on variables of time, motion or ambient lighting.

Decoration: both for the front of your house, and your garden, never forget that lighting can be used as an aesthetic resource, to create a perfect environment. GE Lighting recommends installing artifacts focused PAR38 Reflectors green spaces: planters, trees, vines or even fountains and sculptures. These turn signal lamps are highly efficient, offering up to 86% savings in energy consumption compared to its incandescent equivalent of 140 watts. The LED Par 38 GE has 1,050 lumens, offers a lifetime of 50,000 hours and color rendering index is 80.

Comfort: exterior lights do not concentrate on a single switch. Install several circuits to have the flexibility to create different situations. Then centralize switches inside your home in a place easily accessible, for example, near the main door.

Today, think about lighting is to enter a world of possibilities to create more welcoming environments and save money. GE Lighting continues to move forward in their efforts to make available to the public the latest advances in lighting.


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