Large selection when purchasing a dining table

Clearly: on the dining room table will meet family and friends to eat . The dining table is also used: whether as a place for homework, trips or for common game evenings.

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The dining table is expected in terms of communication probably the most important piece of furniture, it is finally a fishing point for life at home. Therefore the purchase should well-planned be, what is not easy in the selection: from round to square, of wood, glass and concrete and metal, dining tables is available in different materials, sizes and shapes.

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How to find the correct dimensions of the underlying
How many people are normally at the dining table to find place? Is a two-person household, for example, then smaller models range. If, however, a large family at the dining table gather, then you need a large, possibly extendable dining table. Who needed a small model on weekdays, but weekends gets frequently visit is happy with an extendable dining table. Attention: Also must be enough space for tables. Calculate therefore when buying with the laden masses of the ausgfahrenen made.

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There is a separate room, which serves exclusively as a dining room, a large dining table can be’s quiet. To the dining table is, however, included in kitchen or living room, then determine the existing space. In smaller kitchens, folding tables, that are installed on the wall, are an alternative.

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By the way: At dining tables there default height between 74 and 78 cm. A distance of approximately 30 centimeters should be between seat height and table top. Who is rather flexible, accessible to height-adjustable dining tables.

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What should the dining table look like?
Round, oval, rectangular or square? The traditional dining table forms each have their advantages: Round dining tables are, for example, a guarantee for communication, on oval tables can accommodate many people, rectangular dining tables make use of corners and space niches and square tables are ideal for small family.


In addition to the form, the material is crucial: the dining table to be rustic, elegant, minimalist or purist? Depending on the response, the material is determined. Dining tables made of wood create spaces with comfort and warmth. Materials such as metal or glass work, however, cooler.

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