Knobs & handles for cabinets different use – 19 great ideas

As we know, there are knobs and handles for cabinets in various forms and color. You have no longer only a useful purpose, but So adorn the Cabinet or chest of drawers. HOWEVER, you can decorate as some others things with this useful decorative objects. We want to show you, what other interesting uses for cabinets you can use handles.

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Figures your original decorations without much effort and dress up this way your facility on!

Hook for the keys is always a useful thing in the hallway. So, you can make a search Board did not only serves to hang up the keys. Long handles for cabinets can run thus serve to hold the post. The newspaper can be temporarily stored in this way. Modern handles made of stainless steel were used.


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The classic coat hooks to the wall you are too boring, then look just original handles for cabinets. Antique drawer handles or knobs will constitute a special eye-catcher. They can vote the buttons as shown here on the wall color So They hardly notice, or on the contrary, create charming accents to the wall.

With a simple wooden board and two handles for chests of drawers, you can design a unique tray Allows you to impress the guests or use as a gift. You can choose the size of the tablet. Fix the long handles for cabinets, on the two shorter sides of the tray and you’re done. Choose discretion Cabinet handles, Which are antique or modern.

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Not so a bedside table is suitable for use as bath Cabinet already really great find? The Disadvantage is done it is Directly on the ground and the moisture in the bathroom Could ruin him quickly. HOWEVER, you can use handles for cabinets, to lift him, as what done in this example with a cabinet from IKEA.

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Wonderful, you can use the bright colors of yarn to make an original decoration. At the same time you will receive THEREFORE a way to store your yarn. So you have a desire to do something yourself, then you can Use the following instructions, to make racks for yarn by using handles for cabinets.

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Should you like to sew and often, then you will have already at home enough yarn packages. If not, you can get that Yes specifically for this project. So You need a candleholder for table candles, a wooden rod with the diameter for the candle or something small and round handles for cabinets, or buttons. Fix the wooden rod, best with the help of small magnets.

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First the magnet on the wooden stick to glue one and the other in the candlestick. So you can be sure that the wooden stick so not on the stand if. Be sure When gluing the magnets, make sure that you so the right pages, so Those Who attract, use. Made the wooden stick in the stand, can then insert the spindle.

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