Kitchen and living room are one

The choice between an open kitchen to living room, separate or connected depends on various factors, such as space, lifestyle and needs. Here is the project of a composition perfectly integrated into the living room.


We propose the design of a fully integrated kitchen in the living room , where the function mixed in a single environment reflect the contemporary way of living and foster conviviality . To emphasize the continuity between the two environments, the same program of furnishings.


Broadening the original kitchen, in a building of the 50s, was made ​​with masonry work and reduced plant; was reduced to the original hallway and they demolished the partitions . The entrance has been moved now to the room there is direct access from the hallway, through a sliding glass door. ‘s operational area is placed on the longest wall of the room , with the columns pantry located at the end. bases extend to to the living, seamless, but lower, turning into decorated living room .


The peninsula with the snack counter defines the functional areas in the same environment . For lunch there is also another solution: the table that, if necessary, in a few gestures is transformed into a dining table . The sitting room, which is located in front of the tv, is furnished with a 4-seater sofa; above, in a niche, there are wall units . The furniture of the kitchen and living room have the same finish; the doors of foundations and columns and the fronts of the drawers have no handles. The smooth surfaces reinforce the effect of uniformity of the whole.


Works needed : to create a unique environment was first demolished the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room . And to get a wider operational area was enough to reduce slightly the surface of the adjacent hallway and move the entrance .