Italian upholstered furniture provide unbeatable elegance

Italian furniture providing unbeatable elegance in the atmosphere. They are classic in furniture manufacturing. However, there is news on this area again and again. They consist in the small details – materials, execution of lines, etc.

Italian bathroom luxury upholstery furniture upholstered bench yellow

Especially splendid historic styles are back in. On the market, you will find many Italian upholstered furniture in Rococo style. They are made in various sizes. Provider therefore ensure that there are appropriate models for different design concepts. Noble leather is still currently the Italian upholstered furniture. The material covered more often even the small details. The choice of colors is also very large.

Gray living room sofa Italian upholstery


Italian upholstered furniture with acrylic frame would be a highlight in your environment. The investment is not small, but this beauty worthy of its price. This combination is particularly popular among designers of chairs. More and more Italian, Belgian and Danish furniture models are equipped with steel-brushed surfaces. Their character is really original.

Italian red upholstered furniture living room furniture sofa

Italian upholstered furniture in vintage style with modern lines would satisfy the taste of the most demanding. Under the current models of Italian upholstered furniture, there are also very modern and even futuristic variants. Designer allow this flexible and dramatic lines. You use mostly white, black or grey leather in combination with stainless steel or white acrylic.

Italian furniture upholstery chairs antique

Super comfortable armchair go back to the forms of old Royal and aristocratic seats. At the same time, they implement the latest achievements of Orthopedic design. Wood is used in a number of modern Italian furniture. While this material is really noble, both in terms of the variety, as well as the development. The review of the 60s not passed also the Italian upholstered furniture. They appear in various bright shades. Furniture in such colors are great accents in fine rooms.


Italian furniture upholstery antique rococo chairs   Italian red upholstery leather armchairs brown upholstered chairs Italian relax armchair upholstered upholstered furniture living room furniture Italian upholstered bed upholstered furniture bedroom furniture elegant silver white

Italian upholstered furniture dining room furniture dining table with chairs

Italian upholstered furniture living room furniture neon green stool

Italian upholstered furniture living room furniture sofa blue TACCHINI ITALIA

Italian upholstered furniture living room furniture sofa chair seat cushion

Italian upholstered furniture living room furniture sofa small tables stools

Italian upholstered furniture living room furniture yellow armchair

Italian upholstered furniture living room sofa Rococo style

Italian upholstered furniture sofas and armchairs

Italian upholstered furniture upholstered bed bedrooms

Italian upholstery antique furniture Rococo style sofa

Italian upholstery blue upholstered chairs Italian upholstery chairs antique furniture 410 x 390

Italian upholstery polsterstühl legs with acrylic Italian upholstery Premium Lounge

Sebastian Herkner Italian la Cividina designer armchair pink