Interior sliding doors made of glass

When the House is finished, the builders do worry about the design. These doors play a vital role – they are an important element of Interior Design. But at least when it comes to the choice of materials, opinions differ – should it be wood, or maybe do you prefer glass?

Interior doors frosted aluminum fitting bar

Not only creatively enhance the Interior the interior doors made of glass, they let light through, providing a cosy ambience in the otherwise traditional dark hallway.

The translucent glass interior doors can separate the living room from the dining room and kitchen. Who invests in sliding glass doors, will save not only space, but creatively enhance the Interior. In any case, they are only suitable for couples or singles, children or animals could get hurt.


Interior doors Glass circle pattern modern stylish

Opaque glass sliding doors to shield a small desk in the living room or the basement. Professionals and business people just need a Cabinet. But admitted – a reading area just for themselves, also nice, isn’t?

Interior doors Glass clear transparent nature motifs

The modern facilities are kept deliberately simple. The neutral color palette is very handy, anyway, she is sometimes boring. The color glass sliding doors can spice up the Interior and the beige scheme colour.

Interior doors glass glass door frame metal

The internal doors clear glass with interesting motives are decorated, an exciting game arises suddenly in the room of light and shadow. Circular patterns and other geometric motifs are very popular lately.

Interior doors Glass Metal matt bronze

Who ordered his interior doors from a manufacturer, who can choose between different door handles. The fine door handles for glass doors are generally, as well as the profiles, aluminium or stainless steel.

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