Interior design ideas, how to make a small apartment look wider

Often, one hears the expression “Please feel free!”. But how many rooms are in fact the mood, which of course leads to this setting? Not very many, because you need plenty of space so that you feel really free and happy.Many of us live in small apartments. If not all the time, then in certain periods of our lives. By the present 21 illustrations, or interior design ideas, we want to show you how to make smaller apartments more broadly.

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What is the success of the examples shown here? The reason why they look practical and at the same time wide, lies on one simple thing: it knows well the life of modern man and his needs.It manages, in whose life into to offset and to feel what you need.

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We consider short, who today actually lived in an apartment by the 58 square metres. That would be a human in the 30s or 40s. Often there are singles or small, relatively young families.You love it, invite guests to make something to eat quickly. Often jump on the sofa and the favorite TV show look at quickly. Not infrequently it is independent, creative and realized a large part of his work from home.

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Trying so all of these functions: guests, dining, living room, dining room, to accommodate kitchen and Home Office on a small work area about 60 meters. Still one must feel here comfortable and modern mood is also announced.So, ergonomic and comfortable feel-oriented interior design ideas here are home. Plenty of light to enter and green life must be.

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It is to break through walls outside and within the structure itself. It combines facilities in a common plan and divided by the distribution of furniture and colours.
Would you look at some concrete examples? Want to draw home some great home ideas for this? This can be applied also on smaller or larger areas.In all cases, we wish you lots of fun and success!

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