In the interior design creatively integrate IKEA Besta units

Have you already heard about IKEA Besta? It’s a new collection of furniture units, which serve as storage space. They are intended for the wall and must be attached to this.

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Drawers and doors are particularly modern. Close silently and effortlessly thanks to the special so-called “soft-closing” function. A more modern property of Besta IKEA units is that they are very capable of conversion. They can be combined in different ways and decorated. Besta IKEA can be placed actually anywhere units.

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It all sounds actually not so new, or? There is talk, according which IKEA works anyway in recent years by the basic principles. Yes, I guess. And with every new model it works better, both in aesthetic and functional terms. There us nothing else but you visual examples vividly to demonstrate this.

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See with your own eyes, what’s the difference, if you for Besta IKEA units rather than for the earlier models decides.┬áLet’s start with ideas for small space. By the way the colored unedited units for such atmosphere are just right. You could build a voluminous square of the Besta IKEA units. The design is created for the new trends and the storage space itself containing in it is particularly large. However, the units shrink the space. Thanks to the simple lines and designs they visually disappear into the wall. For a very modern minimalist room, one in a Scandinavian style, for example, own itself particularly well the white Besta IKEA units with a gloss finish.

IKEA Besta cabinet chests hanging on the wall

The Besta units are there in different textures. In addition to the white shelving units with a lacquered surface, there are models for those who enjoy rustic touches in the interior design. You can opt for the Besta IKEA Shelves with a Brown wooden surface.

IKEA Besta cabinet chests IKEA living room furniture

Look around and think about where you can use even a seat Unit well. What’s a seat under the window? Or maybe have some space in the hallway, you could use?┬áThe Besta IKEA units are functional on variety and way use. Out of these, you could make as a wonderful wall. She typically wears all advantages of the pieces of furniture intended for this purpose and offers at the same time a lot of storage space.

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Here are some ideas that make the room appear more comfortable. Shelves on the ground can be stacked two rows of IKEA. You can install a – or a, and half meters above a floating number of same type of units. In between is a niche that can be used as a display case. There, you could set up many different items and then also wonderfully illuminating them.

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You can cover an entire wall with IKEA Besta units. In a smaller room we would opt for the neutral white models. Any other textures would fit more space.

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IKEA Besta cabinet pink IKEA TV furniture Chests

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