Ideas to make your home much larger

If you need more space in the house, can be achieved by following a series of ideas. It is possible. It’s about winning meters without getting into great works.


1st. A glazed panel to refine:

A sliding glass panel, instead of a wall, saving you space and spaciousness, and left free passage to daylight. This so now.

2nd. An arched access:

You can open an arc instead of a door step, light, sense of space and will be bounded environments will win. One idea succeeds.
3rd. Unwrap the furniture:

You can take advantage of the furniture in the house. So, not to shorten the space, I recommend define spaces by arranging furniture, as it can be a sofa that separates the living room from the dining room. You can also take advantage of a hole in the wall for a shelf work.

4th. A quiet reading corner:

If you want to create a reading area in the living room you just have to add a chaise longue, a hose and isolate with a low shelf without back, without closing delimiting space.

5 °. Harnessing the walls with shelves:

If there is much to save and little space, you can put shelves as wall to wall. If identical cabinets and boxes are selected, the result is quite harmonious.

6th. A recessed shelf:

If you want to save space in the bathroom to store all kinds of objects, it is recommended to open a small shelf built in a hole in the wall. And even better if you put a glass door, which lightens and permiter see inside.

7th. A sliding door:

If you opt for a sliding door instead of a swing, a meter save. You gain space and looks good to decorative level.