Ideas to Decorate your Pots

With the arrival of warm weather, like going out to the terrace (or mini balcony in my case) and have breakfast, dinner or just drink tea in the sun and enjoying the weather. In addition, you can now customize your own pots, to put aside that reddish color (although I tb I like and a lot!) And brighten your deck as any. Today I bring you 5 Ideas to decorate your pots, and not just with plants! If you fancy some of these bright colors, you know around the neighborhood 🙂

Decorate a plant pot

And here are all the links to the tutorials and many more photos. This spring-summer your pots will be more “guayonas” your own plants!

1. Give a touch of color with paint and striking golden detail Miss Renaissance .
2. Paint a colored piece fluoride Hello Bee .
3. Create your own hanger at Refinery29 .
4. Paint, decorate and write! Do the same with the dishes too. In Oh Happy Day


On the window, on the floor, on a table or on a shelf. Discover original ideas for decorating with potted all his house, not only plants, but also with flowers. Be inspired by our proposals to fill your home with color.

Potting soil
By way of planters, large pots are perfect to decorate themselves terraces and patios. In mud, bring a country setting, while wood will look more classic. Like the rustic? Choose a large zinc tub. Be the material that is, playing different plants planted in them, either combining different flower colors as in a rockery or preparing a parterre with the same species and tone. The trick is to place them on the floor in a corner, to give the feeling of garden.

Outdoor potting composition
The smaller pots are ideal to recreate sets really showy. Grouped on a table, for example, creates surprising effects due to the height, foliage and color of your chosen plants. Another good idea is to place at the entrance of either a house, well the window of the room, forming small groups on both sides, so as to form a corridor of flowers and green. Finally, place them at different levels on the steps of a ladder is perfect for creating compositions: with movement if you choose hanging plants or as aisle if you choose plants upright growth.

button pot

clay pot decorating


decorating glass apothecary jars

Decorating pots


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