Ideas to decorate your baby birthday table

The decoration of the table can help lift the mood of a birthday party. Must be festive, add color to the environment and be functional for guests to sit and eat comfortably. The children birthday must have a very exclusive and unique decoration . Therefore, the table can not be left out of the decor. Here are some ideas of how to decorate the table.


First you make the guest list to see how many tables, chairs and cutlery you will need. Then choose a theme or a color that will be repeated throughout the decor. The reason can match the birthday boy’s favorite TV series, with its football team, singer or favorite character.

Cover the tables with a plastic tablecloth to match the party theme. This material will make cleaning easier when finished tablecloth birthday and will not be damaged if you spill something on it. You can find tablecloths with patterns in the homes of party favors. Locate the paper plates, cutlery and plastic cups on the tables. Consider using patterned cups and straws that can be used as souvenirs.

-Place a green cloth to simulate grass, upon him be distributed disposable cups also green, on which are pasted colored flowers (some glasses and bring the printed design). The napkins should be colorful and can add dishes are also colorful flowers.

-On a yellow tablecloth , white plates and cups placed motif stars and conches, you can leave a blue stripe on the tablecloth, on which to apply drawings of ships and boats, simulating the coast. For this reason, the vessels can carry umbrellas shaped sorbets.

-On a white tablecloth , draw ants, butterflies or other insects funny and outline the path you made ​​to get there with black dotted line. This work can be performed only on the sides or the entire tablecloth. In case of choosing the ants, the glasses are very cute in red with black dots (or moles of good size in black).

From as these table decorations should match the room in general, otherwise it will be in very bad taste, bad assembly. Therefore it is recommended to choose a particular topic and from there, make the deployment of ideas.

To locate the children in the seats at the table, put birthday hats with the names of each. You can print the names and make your child help you decorate the labels to place on the table, or write them with a nice handwriting directly on the hats.

Finally, you need an ornament to place in the center of each table. The centerpieces can represent the age of the birthday boy or accompany the party theme. The center can hold the souvenirs that guests take home after the party, a nice bowl of stickers, toys small, colored whistles, necklaces luminescent, or individual bolistas treats are the most popular choices.

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