Ideas for decorating mini light

Mini string lights or light are the type most commonly associated with the Christmas decorations, but can be used throughout the year to decorate your home. They come in many different colors, you can obtain filaments with a single color or opt for multiple colors on a single string. Use the lights to create conditions of low light in a room, give new life to existing decor elements or as a night light fun.

christmas lights

Mini lights can be used to decorate a bathroom and are a creative alternative to the traditional night lights. Wrap a string with a string of fake ivy and used to frame a mirror plane. Straighten one side of a paper clip and push behind the mirror to create simple clips to hold the line in place light. If you have a large garden tub, you can put candles with a string of mini lights. Make sure you have a ledge wide and safe for the chain, far enough from the edge of the tub so that the lights are not splashed by water from your bathroom.

The kitchen is probably the room in your home that is most frequented, so that should encourage some simple mini lights decorations. Organize a thread on the trailing edge of the counter, behind boats and equipment to brighten up your desk. If you have glass tile backsplash or other high reflectivity, the lights help draw attention to their investment. Instead of putting the sugar and flour in glass jars, you can fill with mini lights for a simple decoration counter. Projecting another chapter in the kitchen window to illuminate your workspace and give new life to a kitchen valance.