Ideas for curtains and drapes

Curtains can be used for different purposes. In winter, they provide more comfort and contribute to the conservation of heat in the premises, in the summer they serve as effective vision and sun protection. Depending on your taste and needs curtains can be transparent or opaque, patterned or solid-colored, long or short. The classic sun protective fabric embellished nights from window and adds an elegant and colorful accents. In addition, a living room curtains evaluate visually. So you need new items for your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen? Get suggestions from our ideas for curtains and blinds that create more comfort. Create a cozy atmosphere in your own home with the appropriate design for your living concept.

Under bedroom curtains patterned Übergardine sunscreen Fensterdeko

In recent years, the curtain was considered old-fashioned. Today the decorative sun protection fabric making its comeback. It is characterized by delicate surface, easy installation and operation. The curtain is an ideal window decoration. Choose from countless materials, colors, textures and patterns, something suitable to your interior style from. The ideas for curtains and drapes are limitless. Curtains made ​​of cotton, linen, polyester and fancy designs in herrkömmliche become optical highlights. They protect from prying eyes of passers-by and neighbors.

Baby Room lattice bedded yellow curtains draped texture carpet


Classic, playful or simple, transparent and blackout drapes or smooth – whatever suits your interior style is best? The traditional window coverings in addition to their Dekoeffekt allows daylight to flood the room, while still having a privacy screen.

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