Ideas for African Decorating

Incorporate the exotic feel of Africa into your home by decorating it accordingly. Whether you have been to Africa and have been seduced by its beauty or just admire the decor, there are limitless possibilities from which to choose. When looking for African decorating ideas, consider that the use of fabric and texture is important

African decor is known for its incredible fabrics and colors. One way to incorporate that into your home is with throw pillows, rugs and wall hangings. Kente cloth is ideal for items such as throw pillows. The colors tend to be deep reds and warm yellows. Use bits of those colors throughout the rest of the room, as well.


Paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the look of a room. It can make a dramatic difference. One interesting way to use paint to decorate in the African style is to paint a mural on one large wall. Create a dusky desert scene, including sand and blue sky. The colors will work with the kente cloths and other wood items in the room.

Add lush rugs to your African designed room. Incorporate a bit of the safari by including rugs with animal prints, such as giraffe or zebra, or ones with prints of elephants on it. Consider sea grass or sisal if you like rugs made with natural fibers.