Humidity in the bath

During the fall and winter is most likely to appear in our homes a problem that is difficult to get rid of. We’re talking about the moisture, which can cause mold stains and even odors.The bathroom is one of the more moisture stays in the house, as it usually has a rather small space and has good ventilation, so to bathe, the steam remains inside. The result of this lack of ventilation are those pesky stains that end up ruining the walls and ceilings. To remove them you can go to different solutions. Want to know?

Clean stains
The first thing I suggest to get rid of the hideous stains is to clean them with a cloth or sponge soaked in a mixture of bleach and warm water. It is important to press hard on stains, but we recommend you not scrape or rub it, as doing so all you’d get would be spreading the fungus formed and all moisture.

Another way to clean stains is to mix warm water with white vinegar, borax and a tad of household ammonia in a bucket. Yes, it is important to test the resistance of paint in a corner you can not see. Once verified, you should dampen a sponge with the solution prepared and run it through the wall, leave it and clean up with clean sponges.


If the cleaning is not enough, you will not be forced to repaint the bathroom. Yes, it is best to use a paint that is moisture resistant or mildew. Most often, the paint late one day to dry.

Extractor and review
For stains that do not come back for your bathroom, it is best to put an exhaust fan, but if you see that again make an appearance, you should check that there are no water pipes that are leaking water or are broken.