How To Resin floors

Technology initially used in industrial buildings and public offices, kindergartens and schools, the resin floor is doing in these years his triumphal entry into homes of ordinary people.Very versatile, practical, hygienic and easy to clean, this type is more and more appreciated by those who want to get too extravagant effects for the floor area of ​​their home.


The possibility that this material gives us is to coat, cover floors or existing surfaces seeping above the liquid material that later solidifies, without having to remove the tile ture below. The end result will be a smooth homogeneous without it escapes points of inaccuracy.We can also apply the resin alone, without necessarily a professional installer: there are, in fact, trade in products for the DIY, with accurate information and application instructions.

 Application of resin DIY
The first thing that must be done before starting the process for the resin flooring is preparing well for the media to lie down in our resin following: thoroughly clean the area of ​​application is critical. Second step, apply a primer that will serve to adhere the resin. Spatoliamo then a skim coat to remove imperfections. Now the media is ready to welcome the resin.


Prepare as instructed by the product to be applied which must then be scattered all over the floor: it will spread and self-leveling.At this point, the possibility is to create decorations, designs or gradevolissime spennellature, or again, spraying optional horns of different color that will give air chromatic new and unusual. The uniqueness is the key feature of these creations, there is not one like the other.
Finally the floor dried, to complete our work, we will move on to the roller protective finish, which can be glossy or matte.

Glossy surfaces brightly colored stretch as far as the eye reflecting all that will be placed above.Or again: matt and textured expanses for environments with minimal design, pieces of wood or rhinestones emerged visually transparent as water.A lot of the effects that we can get, on personal taste, creativity and economic availability.The cost of a resin floor finish, in fact, is more expensive than a classic floor laying. This is because in most cases, still choosing the tiler. Costs start from 70 euro per square meter up to 150 for more details. Opting for a diy fix, prices have almost halved.But we must consider that we will not have the costs of dismantling the old floor, removal of debris, and more. To be evaluated.