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One of the things that I was finding war gave me dressing distribution, and is that always comes to mind that mini dresses and room surrounded by shelves but when the thing is not general measures or do not have a San Ikea and budget … the issue is complicated, it is very complicated. Navigating across this dressing, which is part of why measures attic, but its owner has been able to make the most becoming, this “zulito” in a dressing feminine and full of charm that does not lack detail. 

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For lovers of decoration and fashion have a closet at home is a dream and design it can be very difficult if you have not had one before. The idea is to use the space you have, however small, and make it functional.For starters, you can install your wardrobe in different ways: you can place in a hallway or foyer, on the corner of a bedroom or bathroom, with a couple of bars. You can cleave a quarter by curtains, screens, sliding doors or drywall.

The lucky ones can place it in a separate room or take advantage of a storage room. In any case, now days, according to the specialists Armacor, what is required is to design, (above the space)


Basics of a dressing
To design your closet should think of the skeleton and then cover. “There are repetitive types of distributions, such as upper and lower accessory full of clothes and contemplate hang side modules for add-ons called” according to Silvia Torres of Armacor design. But best of this ‘cabinet’ is to be unique and personal.

First of all there is nothing to do without a good rack. In this way the clothes can be carefully placed outdoor. Looking for a ‘donkey’ or two and place them in a ‘U’ or ‘L’ or concíbelo as furniture.

The changing trend is to ask increasingly wider models, according to our experts, but still, you should have a minimum wardrobe 55 cm and a width of 90 cm. It is more convenient to order from right to left, but it always can be arranged in several lines from back to front.Everything must be combined with agility heights and sizes. In fact one of the best options leverages the full height of the room, even above and below the hangers. It is advisable that a maximum height of 1.80 m, in any case, both this and at higher levels, are engaged gently used clothing or other seasons.

In an area so compact and with only one entrance, it is best that each occupies one side, while women would like to steal a neighbor’s space.

A great trick is to add a shelf above the bar , this way we gain in storage such as bags or clothes from other seasons that could well be boxed. A seat is very important in this type of space as dress or calzarte helps the shag carpet adds warmth and practice at the time of dispensing of shoes. 

And here its owner the editor of the blog Skonahem , I have to clarify that I understand your happiness I also have a smile from ear to ear with a space so beautifully A totally convinced me, a good distribution and good ideas can work wonders, the key is to find custom parts and a good grip squads that weight, you can give them in DIY stores, warehouses and similar custom kitchens .

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