How to make a bird feeder: options of different materials

In the cold season, the birds become much harder to fend for themselves. So many people especially equip feeders for the birds, so they can support their vitality. The easiest way to buy ready-made. But it also can be done by yourself using traditional wood or plywood. In addition, you can use for its manufacturing and many other materials, such as plastic or glass bottle, a box of juice, etc. Regardless of which design will be future feeder, it must meet several requirements: at the outset, it should be a roof, which will allow avoiding damp feed under the influence of rain or snow, causing it to become unusable as food for birds, It must have a hole wide enough for penetration of various birds, If the design allows, then it is advisable to make several entries in the bird feeder, since birds do not like an enclosed space.

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Feeders are made of wood or plywood, may provide more than one year. With these materials, you can create masterpieces that will become a wonderful decoration for gardens or dacha plot. But to make a wooden bird feeder or bird feeder out of plywood have to pretty fast. The first thing is to determine its size and appearance. But be aware that the feeder should not weigh too much. So to make it best to take timber from wood in the thickness no more than 20 mm.

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You must complete the design drawing future feeders, indicating the size of all its elements. For this purpose the best sheet of paper with a width of 25 cm and a length of 200 cm. On the worksheet is performed by drawing the whole structure, which then produced its individual parts and fastened with screws or glue for wood. For the connection of the wings of the roof is the most convenient to use special hinges for furniture.

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Classical feeder usually consists of the following elements: the bottom, which is feed, side boards, attached to the bottom, which are designed to protect feed against the wind, the roof, which protects the inner content of the feeders from rain and snow, to support the roof, which should differ by durability, roofs, and it can be any design of a flat, House or oblique. The main thing is that it has been duly fulfilled its purpose, i.e. the protection of feed, some of the design features also side walls. In this case, eliminating the need for the device supports for the roof. However, if you make a bird feeder on your own, you can buy a ready-made Kit, which you only need to collect and to varnish. Finished product fastened to a tree or Pergola.

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The most simple in manufacturing is fairly considered as the feeder, made from plastic bottles. They differ in resistance to low temperature and high humidity. Most often they are placed on the trees in a forest or Park. For manufacturing, feeders will need a bottle, scissors, Scotch tape, 20-inch rope. For this purpose, optimally suited for 3-litre plastic container. It is necessary to make a token using the markup of the future hole for the birds, and then cut it with a knife. With the cut out aperture preferably cover the tape or duct tape, because of its sharp edges endanger the birds. In the lid of the bottle is done the hole where the rope stretches, which already hung up on a tree feeder ready. The bottom of the bottle it is recommended that the needle pierced in several places that provide air circulation and evaporation of moisture from the feed accumulated as a result of the change in temperature. Also from a plastic bottle with a volume of two and a half liters, you can make another version of feeders. To do this, it needs to be cut in half and make a hole for the birds at the bottom.

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The upper part of the bottle is inserted into the lower part of the neck down. With the neck so that the bottom feeders still remained at least 0.5 inches. In the upper part of the bottle feed, which is poured through her neck measured portions served on the bottom feeders. Quite an unusual bird feeder can be made from large plastic bottles with a volume of more than five liters. For this purpose, it is necessary to mark up some holes, but cuts for education inputs need to make only the top and sides, leaving the lower part untouched. In place of the cut, plastic needs to bend so that the bottom formed a small roost for birds. In the lid of the bottle is made a small hole into which the prosovyvaetsĆ¢ strong thread, folded a few times. Stuck in the end tied in a knot and twist it back on the bottle. Thus, the result is a convenient device, allowing you to hang the bottle on a tree.

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Pumpkin Interesting bird feeder can be made from almost any scrap materials, for example, from an ordinary pumpkin. For this, we need pumpkin and branches of small size, scissors, drill, string and wire staples. For device, feeders to separate the third top of the pumpkin and clean it from the inner content. Using drills at the bottom of the drilled small holes in which to insert sprigs for device perch for birds. At the same time in the bottom of the vegetable is inserted wire clamp through which the rope stretches. With a cord must be placed in such a way that it bowed a vegetable from different sides, otherwise he would not be able to safely stay on the tree. From the top of the pumpkin is quite possible to make a suitable roof for feeders. To do this, it must be mounted on sticks, which are installed at the bottom.

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Orange is very easy to make a small bird feeder from the usual orange. To do this, cut it in half and thoroughly clean it from the fruit pulp. Using a normal screwdriver in his sides is done through a small hole and pulled the thread to which the Orange then hung up. It only remains to fill the bird feeder food and find a suitable place for it. Because it had no roof, it is desirable to choose for this place where there is minimal risk of food moisture. From the grain and gelatin, Original bird feeders can be made from grains and gelatin. To do this required amount of gelatin need to dissolve in a water bath. That is, put it in a container, which in turn put in a pot with water and put it on fire. When gelatin is dissolved, adds some grain. The resulting mass you must stir well and place in the selected form to complete solidification. Plus such feeders supported her appearance, which can be any shape.