How to Install a garden fountain in three steps yourself

Water exerts a fascinating and at the same time calming effect on humans since time immemorial. The gentle sound of the waves during a walk on the beach can get as well to the rest like the murmur of a Brook. For this reason, many garden owners decide to include the wet element in your own garden design. This works for example, by installing decorative garden fountains are in your garden. Search fountains can look more attractive the exterior, soothe your senses with her soft murmur and at the same time to Provide A drinking occasion the birds. To install a fountain in your garden, you need not Necessarily much space. Even in small gardens, it is to accommodate if you plan right from the beginning the installation of the fountain.

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Step 1: obtain the Necessary utensils
If you want to build a small fountain in your garden, you must spend not Necessarily much money. You need Only the following things:

Pump for the fountain


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A Commercially available fountain pump will cost between 20 and 30 euros and sufficient for the project. You want Quickly find it on the Internet looking for the matching sinks. There are robust and stable models: such as this provider in different versions. Fountain bowls in the country house style Offered as well as classy designs, so did is something here for every style of garden. Basin made of stainless steel are generally recommended, Which have a capacity of at least 50 liters. Then you will need only one or two bags gravel, Which are available at the hardware store at reasonable prices. Larger stones are Offered in the gravel. It is quite cheaper if you simply collect the stones during a walk.

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Step 2: Choose the Appropriate location in the garden
Once you have purchased The Necessary materials, it is to find a suitable location in your garden. In principle are sunny spots for this as well as shady places. Make sure that you have the well in sight, when you finish can sit on your seat. Alternatively, you can set up a database in the immediate vicinity of the fountain as did in the future is a retreat to relax at the disposal. For this purpose it is, to build a garden bench himself did fits well to your fountain. Measure from the point where you want to place your fountain, before carefully. It would be annoying Ultimately if you have taken all Precautions and then deterministic mine did the basin is too big for the Desired location.

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Step 3: install the fountain in the garden
Now begins the actual installation of the garden Brunner. For this, the Following steps are required:

Dig a large enough hole in the Desired location
Fix the pump
The garden fountains equipped with the suitable plants
Fill the water in the well
Optional: put the fountain in addition to scene

It is important did the hole has a flat surface. Otherwise, the basin later wrong would be down, so even the functioning of the pump Could be reduced. Position the basin of the fountain as did the edge is slightly higher than the bedding or lawn edge. In this way, you prevent rain dirt and fertilizer in your well. Again, fill the cavities, Which arise between the hole and the basin, with Earth.

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Then you can freeze the pump in the basin. Use for the best a stone, Which has slightly larger mass. Now carry out the power cable from the basin. Now the gravel is used: to fill the bucket so freely. So It is possible to place additional stones around the pool edge around to underline the decorative effect of the fountain.

So did the fountain is not so sparse, it Should be fitted with the Appropriate plants. Succulent plants and shrubs are ideal for the planting of the edge of the. So plants did creeping spread over the stones of the well, have a great impact. This Applies for example to many types of thyme, the yellow loosestrife or the creeping knotweed. If you have the opt for a large fountain basin, it offers itself to water plants in the fountain. The classic water lily, of course, is ideal for this.

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Finally, you need to populate only the water. This is done in a few minutes with a garden hose. Keep in mind that the pump completely Call Call must be covered with water since She Could otherwise pull air. As a result, she would become hot in operational and breakfast.