How to Upholster a Dining Room Chair

Materials and Tools:

plywood cut to fit bottom of chair (if old seat is unusable)
staple gun and staples



1. With screwdriver, remove the screws holding the seat onto the chair. Save them for replacing the seat later.

2. Lift the old seat off the chair and, with a screwdriver if necessary, pry out staples or tacks olding fabric to seat board. If the wood is in good shape, you can reuse it; otherwise, a piece of plywood cut to fit will work.

3. Cut several layers of batting to fit wooden seat, depending on how soft you wish the seat to be.

4. The fabric should be cut three or four inches larger than the seat to fit over the batting. Centering the seat over the wrong side of the fabric, simply begin wrapping the fabric as if you were wrapping a package. Staple the middle of one edge, then the middle of the opposite edge,
pulling the fabric taut. (If you drive a staple and it pops out, hold the gun firmly with both hands when you staple.) When you have a staple in each edge, continue stapling at regular intervals, wrapping corners so no raw edges show from the right side. (Neatness doesn’t count too much, as the wrong side won’t be seen when the chair is reassembled.)

5. When the fabric is firmly attached to the seat, insert the piece back in the opening and replace the screws you removed earlier.