How to Decorate With Computers as a Theme

If you have a passion for technology or your child want a futuristic bedroom, you can create a theme sala-ordenador yourself with a bit of planning. Depending on the type of look you want, a computer-themed room can serve as a reminder of the computers in the past or can bring to life the dreams of high technology of the future. The variety of elements used in your themes habitacion-ordenador depends on you. Only are narrow in their own creativity and your budget.

computer theme decorating


1. apply a coat of primer to the walls of the room. Allow it to dry. Paint the walls in a color that resembles the outside of a computer, such as grey or brown. If you want a more modern look, paint a single main wall of black or dark grey.


computer theme decorations

2. create a border of ones and zeros that look like binary code around the edge of the room, near the ceiling. Use one and zero stencils and paint to create the border for a simple approach. If you have a steady hand, Freehand paint their zeros and ones. Use a paint color darker than the color of the wall so the numbers are visible on the wall.

computer theme party decorations

3. create picture frames and other objects of decoration out of old computer parts. Cover a shelf or two in old computer chips. Use the old framework of plastic around a screen of the computer as a photo frame. Tags containers or other elements using old keys of a computer keyboard.

computer theme decorating ideas

4. install shelves or other elements made of chromium or other metals that are used to create the computer. Strips of adhesive metallic plastic to the edges of the shelves or cabinets to give them one appearance more similar computers. If you are decorating a child’s room, give existing elements a metallic look computer carefully wrapping a base metal, such as aluminum foil, around the burners.

computer themed decor

5. place posters of iconic advertisements or old equipment on the wall. For a more formal look, frame parts before hanging them on the wall.

computer themed home decor

6. place a light of the thematic computer news the wall. Cover a lamp on stickers of computer screen, such as stickers logo related to computing or other stickers related to computer science.