How to decorate the kitchen with little money

Your kitchen desperately needs a makeover but can not afford a large investment of money? Do not worry! Today we will give you the keys to decorate this important home in the most economical stay.


Think occasionally is important to change some aspects of the home so you do not get tired of seeing the same. The limits, as always, in your imagination . Do not miss the advice we give you below!

One of the best ways to change the look of your kitchen gastándote least, is painting the walls of the room using different shades and colors. Yes, you have to consider what image you want to project the area of your home. So, if you want a cheerful and lively kitchen, choose a strong color, but if you want a quiet kitchen and visually wider, opt for light shades. Of course, you can also paint the tiles with special paints for this purpose. It is also good idea to put some vinyl related to cooking (yesterday we told you how to install vinyl ). These elements offer the most attractive result. You can also use them to decorate the fronts of kitchen cabinets and appliances.


If you can not afford to change the furniture in the kitchen, opt for paint another color. You’ll see how your kitchen seems another! There is another practical and economical option: change the shelves or just shooters to give a different touch to the room.

Another good idea to redecorate your kitchen for little money is changing textiles. If you replace the curtains, cushions and tablecloths with more cheerful and colorful now has come the spring , this stay another look. Yes, you must take care that these elements match the rest of the decor.