How to choose furniture for a studio apartment

Maybe the economic crisis or perhaps the fact that to this day we remain single longer, and then you do not have special needs of large living spaces , but the tendency to buy apartments very small, sometimes microscopic, is spreading stain of ‘oil . We speak of the famous studios , living spaces that, as the word itself, consisting of a single room . Their measurements generally vary from 20 sqm to 40 sqm, but if they are both smaller than that of larger ones. Today we will deal with how to choose furniture for a small studio.


In the selection of furniture for a studio attention, almost obsessive, will be given to spaces: in fact seen the small size of the house, they will have to be optimized to the fullest, without wasting even an inch. All this without forgetting the style: the fact that an apartment is of infinitesimal size, does not mean you should be sloppy and unkempt. Quite the contrary, it will be necessary to make it friendly to opt for a furniture sophisticated design and stylish, but not necessarily expensive.



the cuisine more suited to this type of housing solution is the one-piece, fully retractable thanks to the sliding or folding, which allow you to hide all the possible disorder due to the preparation of meals. In this type of cuisine in miniature has it all: the market if they are of different types, colors and materials, and are all equipped with sink, column fridge, stove, oven and pre-column to store dishes, glasses, cutlery and groceries. For the table, however, the right choice must fall on one that can stretch according to need, but that may possibly also disappear easily: excellent ones in tempered glass that does not weigh down the environment.


In the studio , in the absence of partitions from one area to the other, it will be essential to create the booth through the furnishings . A good solution would be a library, but the choice between those blocks, it is open on one side than the other, to let the light pass through and not be penalized with a dark area of the house ..


The cabinet must be chosen in conjunction with other furniture in the house, that is a kitchen and library, to better blend in a confined space. Its size can not be impressive, obviously, but choosing a model to measure, it will be possible to design it exploiting the full height of the room. A door or a swing in a contrasting color will give a personal touch to furniture, provided, however, that that color is then taken up by other furnishings such as curtains, knick-knacks or possibly a carpet.


For the bedroom are two possible solutions: a sofa bed or a loft bed . Both the one and the other will be placed in front of a cabinet which will be laid down on the TV or stereo, along with some design object, such as a lamp. In the case of a loft bed, you can adjust its structure under a small sofa or such eventuality, a desk, thus creating a small study.