How do I clean the outdoor furniture

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace to enjoy the beautiful weather during the spring and summer months, certainly you will need to take your time with eagerness to the cleaning of outdoor furniture . Chairs, chairs , tables, sofas and other furniture in need of a thorough cleaning after the long winter months. Of course, during the winter you will put them to shelter under a roof or covered with a large tarp to protect them from weather and moisture, but with the arrival of summer, the patio furniture should be able to get back to doing a fine show .

clean the outdoor furniture

Obviously, depending on the type of material with which your patio furniture are made, it is necessary to use special detergents, for example if they are made ​​of chrome-plated metal will be sufficient to clean them by passing a sponge soaked in vinegar and then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

For stainless steel fittings just use mild soap and water always making sure to dry the surface thoroughly.If in your garden there are tables and chairs in wrought iron clean them with a cloth soaked in oil to prevent the formation of rust and then dry them with a clean cloth in the fall instead of painted iron furniture will be just water and detergent. As for the furniture in rattan , which is a particular palm wood, and wicker , synthetic or natural you just need to wash them with a solution of warm water and baking soda (2 tablespoons of baking soda per liter).


For furniture made ​​of teak wood safely use mild soap and water and then, on wood completely dry, pass a protective oil and moisturizing. Stretch out the ‘ oil on the surface of your furniture helping with a brush or a cotton cloth and, after a period of about twenty minutes, remove with a clean excess oil. Place the furniture so treated in a dry and well- ventilated , and after a day of waiting, you can use them comfortably to enjoy the sun.


We all have some garden furniture that has been ugly from the sun or rain. Some materials can not stand so much sun and less if you live in coastal areas, where the salt and the sun leave the garden furniture or discolored leaves some spots of mold materials.In the photo once a lawn chair, bought a Chinese bazaar, very affected by the sun.

The chair has gone maybe cheap but the material is not the same when you buy a lawn chair with the guarantee of a brand like Vondom , Arkimueble or Hevea .You can try to clean the chair with a product to clean plastic garden furniture, but patches of mold and the material remained porous and ultimately will break.

With a special product for cleaning plastic garden furniture. Apply the product and let stand about 10 minutes, then rub with a damp cloth with warm water.

Cleaning with water and vinegar: Prepare a solution of water and white vinegar in equal parts and washed the garden furniture with a cloth or sponge (not wool). To remove deeper stains you can apply a paste of table salt and lemon juice poured over it and allowed to dry in the sun and then remove the excess salt and lemon with water.
If there is garden furniture grease stains (other than a good barbecue in summer) you can clean it with a cloth and warm water with a few drops of fairy or other products of dishwashers. Fat remover products also make miracles!


How to clean wood garden furniture
The wood furniture require annual treatment if Teak, apply teak oil every year.Rattan furniture, which over time can become darker, the can clean with a little warm water mixed with the juice of two lemons, wet a cloth and rub all the furniture then let it dry. A very good substitute is the synthetic rattan , life keeps all the same color and features.

In general, wooden garden furniture you can clean it with a cloth which has been wet with warm water and soap bleach no, tries to dry the furniture until no traces of water, then apply the product to treat wood. If the wooden garden furniture and cracked, better fill the cracks with wood repair product.