House plants for low light – 21 green and flowering species

You prefer of course can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that make the indoor plants, in every room. Only rarely any room with a lot is flooded light, which limits the selection of suitable plants. Such areas are usually the hallway, the input range or but the bathroom. But we have put together a selection of houseplants you, which is good with little light.

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And you have even the choice between only green and flowering plants. Just choose the appropriate plants for low light and decorate the dark and perhaps boring rooms with nature.

Apart from the fact that the Kentiapalme looks great and is easy to maintain, also still a lot of oxygen produced this House plants for low light. The for to an improved atmosphere, which makes it perfect for any room in the House. You cope with little water and darker rooms. Try however to water it once in a week.


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The Schusterpalme is popular not without reason. It is indeed extremely easy to clean and not only for beginners but also for rooms with rather unpleasant light. Much light she thrives though, like all other plants and indoor plants for low light is best, but it copes well in a dark hallway. Only the direct sunlight do not get. She has no problems at all with little water and you very rarely infested with pests.

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This pretty house plants for low light are vines that can grow with a perfect prop both upwards and to the side. The plant with the cute patterned leaves should be protected from draughts protected and the soil is kept moist. Yet she can withstand short periods of drought.

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Also very easy to care for, the attractive Zamioculcas is called, also luck spring. This House plants for low light to impress cute glossy leaves. You can through the site determines its color. That growing more slowly in the shade, the leaves will get a strong green color there. They support the growth of the plant where the leaves get a lighter color to a brighter site. The Zamioculcas can indeed flourish, but this occurs rarely. If the upper pair unexpectedly drops, this can mean a sign for excessive dryness. Otherwise, the plant but also as regards the water is rather modest. However, avoid water logging.

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This House plants for low light comes from the desert and cope with longer dry periods. In the 60s, she was a popular houseplant and was thus to be found in sogut like any household. This makes them the retro interior design also so popular today. The plant can thrive both in light and dark rooms. Temperatures of 12 degrees or more are the only condition of the plant. Often, the bars of the plant are effectively interwoven.

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Although this pretty house plants for low light in darker rooms can come good, a window seat should be offered, by the the Sun can shine directly. Such Windows can be found in Northern rooms. In addition, that the ornamental asparagus loves the water and the Earth for this reason should be kept always wet. The Green Lily in their leaf shape is reminiscent of grasses. There are the leaves in green, as well as with white stripes. Whether in the dark at draughts or dry indoor heating, the Green lilies as Houseplants for low light can be anywhere, without that you need to worry about her. They should be watered regularly while they tolerate short periods of drought.

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Also this House plants for low light feature interesting shaped leaves. The Philodendron grows quickly and can be used as a climber, but then needed a climbing aid. The plant can withstand dark sites very well, but she needs regular supply of humidity in heated rooms by you spray them and keep the soil moist, but avoid waterlogging. The ferns are particularly compatible with the shadow. Their cold tolerance, on top of which makes them perfect for unheated spaces such as the hallway. Since this House plants for low light very love also the moisture, they can decorate the bathroom. Sufficient moisture on the leaves should be ensured in heated rooms.The bobbed is a classic and should be in every household. This type of house plants for low light has tiny leaves, which grow on delicate stems. Characterized by the fact that you can cut him regularly and thereby make arbitrary shapes is the bobbed.

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The schefflera is a plant that grows rapidly, which makes it very popular. Although a dark site far from harms her, this type of house plants for low light growing there naturally slower. As a compromise, you can choose Yes a window seat away from direct sunlight.Would you like to enrich the dark rooms with some flowers, you have a terrific selection of house plants for low light. This includes also the single with his interesting white flowers. These come through the dark green leaves well. The leaves are however in direct sunlight rapidly brighter and wither. The single loves moisture and in low light as well as flourishes, you can decorate a darker bathroom with this plant. In any other room can and spray the leaves with water.

Houseplants for a little light bobbed gently anfaenger leaves idea

The Alocasie, as this interesting plant is also called, reminiscent in their prime the single, except that this is a yellowish color has. Another difference lies in their leaves, which grow big and gorgeous and in some ways reminiscent of elephant ears. This House plants for low light and moisture love that the leaves should be sprayed regularly.Pretty red flowers impress this House plants for low light. The plant may prefer lots of light without direct sunlight, but can thrive well after acclimatization to a darker place.

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Another variation for house plants for low light, that also pretty blooms, is this copy. The flowers are small and have a purple color that is reminiscent of violets. It’s a low plant, which even in darker locations, no problems verurssacht. However applies also here: the brighter, the better. The flaming Kate Kalanchoe there or in different and bold colors, their original color was red. Other colors such as orange, yellow, white, pink and purple caused by new varieties in this House plants for low light. Because it belongs to the family of Succulents, it is accordingly not demanding, while she fills the room with beautiful flowers. Cast is best only if the soil has dried out something.

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Also at the vinca, you have the choice between different colours house plants for low light again. Choose a location which is cool and well ventilated. The plant is also wonderfully suited as a hanging plant, because its shoots can be up to two metres long. Provide bright colours in the dark room!

Try it with the Flamingo flower. The amount of light this House plants for low light has an influence on the shape of the leaves. Therefore, more light again is the better solution. The flowers have an original form and a strong red or white color and bloom very long time. The plant, called also Flamingo flower should be poured regularly, because she loves humidity.The flower colors of turning fruit range from white to dark blue. Promote the formation of flowers, find a possible lighter location in the dark room. Otherwise, this House plants for low light are but easy to maintain.

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Also the piston thread forms pretty flowers. They occur mostly in late summer and then develop into berries, which are not edible and even toxic. But also in the rest of the time, the House plants for low light thanks to the cute patterned sheets are very attractive.

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