House cultivation as a swimming pool with underground design

This House has a swimming pool of a special kind. Because the House was already in place, a very special variant had to be given for the indoor swimming pool. So the designers of act_romegialli decided to take advantage of the underground House cultivation, which comes from the 19th century and intended for relaxation and sports activities as swimming pool. The location in the garden, as well as the window front in the entrance area with sliding door also secure great views of the Lake, which is full of water lilies, so that one feels in the midst of nature.

House cultivation as pool brick boardwalk pond stone

The swimming pool is achieved with the help of a staircase from the garden. It is adorned by two sides of hillside planted. The sunken architecture provides even in outdoor of cultivation of privacy. You can also enter the House mounted as swimming pool via a tunnel from the House. The pool itself is located right in front of the front window, which you can feel close to nature always swim. Inside a modern design in white mosaic tiles that adorn the floor and some of the walls is predominant. Look at more pictures of the House cultivation as a swimming pool.

growing pool House Kitchen Wood small oven LIGHTGLASS frontage


growing pool House partition wooden slats pool gymnasium modern style

growing pool House safari modern white tiled pavilion

growing pool House seat floating effect sitzkissen pool facility

growing pool House View Garden Graywall Design Pool

Growing poolhouse interior idea sofa gray laminate window

Growing poolhouse wood accents mosaic floor pool design gray

House cultivation as pool Garden tree Concrete Building Design

House cultivation as pool lighting fensterfront web wood stones

House cultivation as swimming pond grass roof design modern

house growing bushes as Swimming pool stairs Walled Garden Idea

house growing grass as swimming pool mosaic open sliding door

poolhouse cultivation tunnel corridor parquet Design Stonewall

swimming cultivation hauswand rounded white mosail stages pool

swimming cultivation house ceiling Concrete Wood partition Gym Pool

swimming cultivation house design modern stripe wall wood ceiling

swimming cultivation house mosaic tiles white concrete modern wood paneling

swimming cultivation house seating area Timber wall cladding glass chair table

swimming cultivation house table chair textile fensterfront sideboard Garden