Home Decorating Ideas: Easy DIY Tips in Decorating Your Walls

The walls of your house begging to a coat of paint but you have no budget for painters and prefer to take care of paint it yourself. These are the steps that you must follow and all that you have to take into account.

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Choose the color of the paint
To ascertain with color, aside from the general recommendation of opting to light colors in small spaces or in low light and let the dark only for large and bright spaces keep in mind the following.

When you buy paint, not trust tones that exist in sample letters:
the piece is so small and there are similar goals that can easily fool you. It is best that you take an object with the exact color you are looking for. For example a piece of cloth or pad.


If you’re very demanding, once home, paint 1 square meter of a wall and wait the next day. Ve seeing the tone as light conditions change: with natural light, at night… Variations might not like it. You can also see how combine with fabrics, or the color of the furniture.

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Guess the type of paint
The most advisable for the house walls is the plastic paint because it’s odorless, dries fast, and his remains are removed well with water. With a kilo of plastic paint, the better for the walls of the House can paint about 8 square meters.

You can choose between these different paint finishes:

Glossy acrylic paint. It is a brilliant painting. Leave a finer finish, but it is somewhat more difficult to apply matte painting, so it is advisable for the ceilings. Also better resists the passage of time and the dirt.
Matte plastic paint. Matte painting is simpler to implement but gets dirty more. If the walls have many irregularities, matte painting disimulará them best.
Remove plastic paint. To remove residues on surfaces or drops easily by rubbing with a cloth or damp cloth, they are paintings that dissolves with water.

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Waterproof acrylic paint or vinyl (oil painting).

This type of paintings, for its strength and durability, are recommended for painted rooms of the House as the kitchen or bathroom, where there is fumes and moisture which impair the paint.

Remove acrylic paint. To do this you will have to use the type of solvent to indicate the manufacturer of the product.

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Here’s more information about the types of paints and their uses.

Basic tools you’ll need
Bucket with wringer: before being applied, the paint must be diluted in water. Will you do it in a bucket? Make sure you have at least the same width as rollers that you will use to go to drain them.
Roller: for painting on walls of gypsum and water, the best are those of synthetic or natural wool. Buy short hair if the wall is smooth and long if it is very irregular or has a popcorn ceiling . They also sell rolls with textures for decorative finishes. Of course, for ceilings, you will need an extension to roll.
Brushes: brushes are essential to painting the area bordering the ceiling and Sockets, as well as the outlines of windows and doors, and corners. To do this easily, buy three sizes of brushes: 100 mm, 40 mm and 25 mm. One of the brushes must be tapered, for use in the corners of the walls. They give better results but more expensive are natural brushes made with pig hair. Synthetic brushes are dropping all the time bristles that get stuck in the wall. As advice, before you start using a brush strip of bristles so that already shed are loose.

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Masking or masking tape: their use is the cover with her inter ruptures, frames of doors and windows, baseboards, ceiling piece plays with the wall that we are going to paint, the contours of the radiators… to avoid staining them painting. The tape must be paper, which fits better and is easily removed. That Yes, we must withdraw it before the paint dries so it does not fall off.
Cartons: paper papers are not sufficient to protect the soil, it will end up staining. It is best to use cartons, joining them so that they cover all the surface.
Wet wipes: can be useful to go on-the-fly cleaning possible runs of paint falling on the socket, on the door…
Old sheets or plastic: you will need them to cover the furniture that you’ve decided to remove from the room because of its size.
An auxiliary ladder to reach high areas.

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Prepare the walls before painting
First of all, there is to prepare the walls will be painted. Everything will depend on the State of deterioration of the walls.

If the current painting is in good condition, you have it easy. You have to clean the walls to remove any dust with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth. And they are ready for their first-hand painting.
If the walls have any type of deterioration.
If the walls have stains or scratches, it wouldn’t be most spend a very sandpaper on them, so the paint cover better stains, or to equalize the surface, as the case may be.

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If the walls have to peel If previous years painting rises with ease, or presents chipping or wrinkles, remove it with a spatula and unifies the surface through fine grit sandpaper. Removed the remains of dust, then, to help the paint adhere better to the wall, applied over the area some paint primer with a brush. Let dry at least 1 hour (or indicated on the container drying time), and you can begin to paint.

If the walls have cracks: to disguise the cracks cover with a specific paste (white cement or for example Aguaplast,) helping you with an spatula, and let dry area for 24 hours. Then sanded the surface in a circular motion to match the wall. Don’t forget to remove any dust that has been attached after sanding with a cloth. Then a little primer paint, and already you can paint.

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