Hobbit House Design decor

Here they are – the architecture and interior design dream homes every follower ecological lifestyle and thinking. These buildings – not something the scenery for the next movie about the life of elves, dwarves and hobbits. This is the most that neither is real living spaces where people live who do not want to harm the wildlife, and as close to a merger with it.

The head of this extraordinary settlement – a Simon Dale, who lives in Wales. Simon has a wife and two small children, as well as a lovely child’s dream – to build a fantastic beautiful “hobbit house” in the bosom of the wild, which, however, he was able to carry out all of some 3,000 euros in cash and four months time. House grew very rapidly, although its construction Simon helped about a thousand friends and volunteers. But the result has surpassed all expectations.

Construction to be not just cute and fantastically beautiful, but totally ecological, an attention to detail. Of course, there’s no electricity, running water and other creature comforts. And the house is located off the beaten path – the middle of the wild forest. But all the best organic and close to nature – a fireplace for heating, wooden supports the roof, made his own furniture, skins instead of blankets, and natural building materials – stone, wood, clay. Likely to live in a house like this is not very easy, especially for urban residents, but so romantic and fun. By the way, something like that we will soon be able to contemplate and in cinemas, because at the end of this year, has been promised access to the rental movie “The Hobbit” for similar work of the greatest master of fantasy – JRR Tolkien.























Source: Journal Natalie Shatalova