Grey Creates visual effects in the Interior – apartment in Shanghai

For a successful and harmonious interior design, color concept plays the important role. Although it Should be Noted at the beginning, before the decor and lighting, it is neglected as a minor matter. Just the adequate color selection Involves all facilities in a whole and achieves harmonious atmosphere.

color gray bathroom wash column white modern minimalist

An excellent apartment fully demonstrates in color gray designed this fact. Come see!

Interior design in monochrome colors is a modern solution to include premises and designs. This is this is no easy task Because space, in the end, Could be soon and impersonal. Designers put on different structures and materials, to bring variety to the solid color interior design. Accents in intense shades are available for contrast and draw the attention of the viewer targeted at Certain points.


color gray visual effects concrete couch

In this modern apartment designed Entirely in gray minimalist blend different selected optics and create a homely atmosphere. Floors and walls are plastered in the concrete look, wall panels produce linear, vertical structure, cuisine is straight-lined in anthracite. The private spaces: such as bathrooms and bedrooms are decorated in white and gray is as only as an accent.

color gray visual effects dark wooden chairs minimalist interior

Accents are set on activeColor and serve as a kind of ‘red thread’ that draws the eye. The yellow line in the hallway, art image, and Chair in red, light industrial recessed style and all, give individuality.

color gray bedroom bed headboard upholstered white fitted wardrobe

color gray ground minimalist white study desk

color gray visual effects design wall panels black

color gray visual effects food black modern minimalist

color gray visual effects kitchen kitchen art image

color gray visual effects living room wall design plaster panels

color gray visual effects living room wall plaster-concrete design

color gray visual effects lounge chair terrace

color gray visual effects lounge concrete ceiling

color gray visual effects lounge tv flatscreen concrète

color gray wall visual effects design satin plaster concrete

color white gray bedrooms modern upholstered bed laminattboden