Get rid of useless things in your home

Our house has limited space and we forget that there is a winery What to do to avoid getting into chaos? With this culture of saving and recycling we have become a bit impractical to be keeping things that probably serve us later.We forget that our house has limited space to live people and not a hold of things and have saved two years and will probably never use for in very good condition they are. What are our options to avoid reaching this chaos?


Getting rid of some stuff
Improve your methods of storing things
Buy more shelves, furniture, etc..
From flat, move to a bigger house
Surely you’ve chosen the first option that is the most sensible. As for the other three, sooner or later need some action again, so learning how to get rid of things you’ll never use is the most effective way to avoid the problem. ‘s not easy to get rid of things, sometimes you warm up to them, sometimes think that will be useful and other times, just have not made ​​the decision to get rid of them. There is an average of five years in which people traditionally save useless things. Some causes are:

1. Sometimes we accumulate materials and are cast aside for years . Say you bought more screws and keep them, or did a repair and we were some tables and some plaster.


2. We keep things because we will use them someday . An example is a trash can replace but you can serve later. A folding table that does not go with anything and is half crooked but think that someday we can pull through if we surprise guests.

3. Our tastes, hobbies evolve . What once enjoyed no longer have it. For example, one time I gave you enjoyed doing crafts and much, came a time when you changed your hobby and all materials and tools have been forgotten occupying a full drawer of a closet.

4. If a situation ever lived precarious, maybe you kept the habit of saving all you can serve so be prepared if you ever repeat the situation. But there comes a time when we accumulate too much to ever need, for example, guards plastic cups they give you promotion, plastic silverware, napkins, etc, and retain all wrapping paper or aluminum sheets to wrap the lunch.

5. Some things we keep from small and carry around in all directions to where we moved. Sometimes we are too sentimental and want to keep things. But with all the nostalgia that we feel, we must be a bit practical and assess what things are worth keeping and what others do not.

For example, all the school work of children … is very emotional retain every one of the jobs that have been developed, but in the future we will be more selective decide and keep what is more worthwhile. Another example is, the souvenirs we have of weddings, quintessences, baptisms, etc.. now we have discovered why we keep so many useless things in the house, what do we need to make the decision to get rid of them?

Arm yourself with courage to make the decision and choose what you’re going to shoot and what not. Do not think much because eventually you’ll be with everything I know objectively. Ask yourself if you really need someday if things keep costing you, if it will be easier to clean if you get rid of it, etc..
Share. There are things in good condition that you can share with friends or even donate.
Suck it up. It is understood that pain must get rid of things that bring you positive memories, but before deciding to throw things? You remembered that you had saved? You lived a normal life without even having contact with these belongings so emotional. Consider and take the decision.
Sets limits. If you are used to store plastic bags, cardboard and other things you know you will eventually use, then what is should you set limits. It stores only a volume of plastic bags that keep a 20 will suffice. Same with plastic containers of yogurt, with about three containers that will keep enough to bail you out.
Assigns a lifetime. If you’re not sure whether to keep something that you used, for example, materials that were used to make a garment, then give a life time. Assigns six months or a year, whatever you want, but sets a time limit to stay in your home.
Very importantly, respect the property of others. Never throw things from the other members of your family without your consent, you’re probably right about throwing it, but we must respect others. You then find a way to justify and convince to make a clean.