Get house plants have more green space less stressful sensation

A wall garden is decorated not only the apartment, but offers many more benefits. We show you how to get a piece of nature in the House with him. How about instead of an image using a wall garden in the living room? What do before for several years with some hundred-square-metre plantings on House facades pioneers like French botanist Patrick Blanc, is increasingly in the Interior: Gardens fit vertically on the wall. That the fern rug in the living room can be just as good as the easily accessible herb wall as a garden wall in the kitchen.


The principle of wall garden is basically quite simple. In contrast to conventional wall greening out there, at the individual plants as Ivy or wine a wall grow up, are a variety of plants with wall gardens one above the other and placed side by side. So the wall will turn green.

What looks natural at first sight, is associated with technology. Depending on the size of the system, the installation of a wall garden is more or less expensive. Say: It needs some preparations until it blooms on the wall. So often first install a suitable wall construction and a waterproof insulation layer towards the wall. Then follows the actual planting layer of the wall garden.



This can be very different depending on the wall garden system. The clamping width ranges from textile bags filled with Earth, stacked boxes up to picture similar – and just as easily manageable – finished modules with substrate and rock wool. Grow the plants directly to wall this from 5 up to 20 centimetres deep underground. Since conventional flower casting is almost impossible in such a position, most systems have a water reservoir to be filled or have a direct water connection, which automatically opens in several times a day. Simple download trickle from floor to floor or a hose system, then all plants get enough moisture and fertilizer. So deleted the annoying and problematic in the height of casting of individual plants.


Very important for all wall garden enthusiasts: a green wall don’t start at zero and have to wait until the plants finally sprout. The plants are preferred, so the wall is just completely landscaped with the installation of a vertical garden. To do this the plants be planted relatively densely so that only their green foliage can be seen.

Not every plant or flower is suitable for a wall garden. The most important is that the plants will tolerate the room heat. Robust ferns and so-called hot house plants with large foliage such as Kletterfeige, Monstera, Philodendron species are therefore first choice. Monochrome collations, where only a few plants accents cause or even different plants with different heights and green dyes are mixed together. So, wall gardens can meet different aesthetic claims – by lush natural growth of up to elegant and almost graphical arrangements.


As with conventional houseplants the lighting situation to consider is the wall garden. Depending on the selected plant wall Green is more or less frugal and can cope with even a partial shade. Some wall garden systems work with lights, to be independent of the light of day. So they can be used in further inner, darker places in the House. Special metal halide lamps provide the necessary light. For this reason, a power connector is essential in such a system. Who builds a House and is interested in a wall Garden should speak with his architect therefore at an early stage so that all necessary connections such as water and electricity can be made.


In General, it is always advisable to have a professional installation at great wall gardens. In particular, because many system vendors have already experience with the installation and maintenance of such systems in the public sector. There are also wall garden systems for the construction of the self – they are meant for small areas and to describe rather than flourishing images or vertically arranged boxes. Due to their smaller size, they are comparatively easy to install. Depending on the size and the installation by a qualified person, one must reckon with prices ranging from 150 to several thousand euros.


With the installation of a wall garden, it is not done alone. Due to the combination of vertical installation, water, and living plants, the maintenance and care is very important in a wall garden. Only way to avoid water damage in the run-up to and remains the wall also always beautifully green. Depending on the system, this can happen on their own, or appropriate service contracts are concluded. This includes the maintenance and cleaning of the wall garden plants section, pest control and the possible exchange of vestigial copies then.


No matter what kind of wall Garden one chooses, the apartment is definitely enriched with the green. Especially with large plantations to improve the acoustics is noticeable immediately – existing Hall or noise are minimized immediately. Improve the micro-climate: the leaves give off moisture to the room – so air is dry in the heating season prevented. In addition, the plants enrich the air with oxygen and filter out even pollutants and particulate matter. In addition to these rather technical advantages, the beneficial effects of the plants should not be underestimated. Her Green relaxes the look and calms the mind.