Garden with bio-filter pond and natural materials – a house in Chile

Casa El Maqui is a private house in Quebrada el Maqui, Olmué, Valparaiso, Chile. The 253-square-meter house was designed by GITC arquitectura in 2014 and is located on a beautiful hillside in a rural environment. It is part of a nature reserve with a high ecological value due to its unique and diverse ecosystems.

biofilter pond behind house timber façade and terraces

A biofilter pond surrounds the House of three pages and not just a decorative but also functional Solution . the customer wanted a House for him and his family of 6 people and a garden near where water should be the main element. So the rich forests and ecosystems have been destroyed, the architects have searched for a slope without vegetation. The new landscape project should make the terrain nice and green. The eastern slope that has selected the team, guaranteed longer exposure to sunlight and optimum airflow.

biofilter pond garden of round concrete tread plates


The composition, the building volume and the way that it stands above the ground, to respond to two opposite situations: an already existing (geography and climate) and a man-made (the garden nearby and the biofilter pond). A pavilion with bedrooms hovers above the ground and aimed down on while the social living areas are stable on the Hill and up to the beautiful views on the direct relationship with the garden and water focused.

biofilter pond greened glass walls living

The water elements that should surround the House, are a swimming pool and a biofilter pond. The landscaped grounds with a pond comes into direct contact with the main living area. This Lake offers also an important supply of fresh air, necessary, so that you can manage the high temperatures in the summer.

biofilter pond round concrete slabs wooden house facade

biofilter pond round stepping stones glass front house facade

biofilter pond water plants grass decking

biofilter pond zen stone figure sand indoors natural stone flooring

cover wooden wall floor balcony seating area

Garden wooden house facade

Hill house bridge entrance upstairs

House bridged slope wooden facade of ornamental grasses stones

House hang bridges rectangular pool

House hang wooden façade built glass fronts

House wooden façade hill forest environment

Living natusteinplatten Flooring White sofa

pool house lawn wood facade huegel background

rectangular pool house hang wood facade
House Plan biofilter pond surroanded
House floor plan floor plan

House floor plan room distribution

House plan cross-sectional area distribution

House plan sectional slope construction