Garden design ideas in the French style

Modern garden design is especially original and stylish. This means that we have no excuse to misunderstand a style that we want to apply, due to the easy access to information.

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Thus, if we want to set on the Italian style, anything that prevents us. In addition to the detailed descriptions in books and on the Web, we also have access to many great landscaping ideas and images on the net. Today we want you in theory and through practical examples closer teach garden design in the Provence style.

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The first thing that first in the garden design ideas in Provence style strikes most people is that they are characterized by distinctive nuances. Purple, pink and purple are dominant here. You may waive this definitely not in the garden, even if you achieve its own interpretation of the Provence style. Experience shows that just these nuances are virtually never really too much. To find a balance to these three colors, usually set to blue, sand-terracotta and light beige. These are nuances, which are easy to find by the nature as well as the typical features of the architecture of Provence.

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Like the houses routes and furniture in a Provence weigh modern garden never. On the contrary – they must look like, as if they are at this point for many centuries. This appearance but excludes not good care! The great garden design ideas pictures in the style of Provence include almost always great, flourishing facades. They combine the Court – and the facade in a single concept. The beautiful aroma of façade flowers better integrate the feeling for nature in the interior design.

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Let’s now a bit longer at the scents. Many of the plants, which show the great nuances of which was before the speech, are herbs with great flavor. These are Rosemary, lavender, thyme and basil. Lavender is the main character of many garden design ideas of Provence. This is of course because this is a symbol of this region.

So must be in the design of the garden lavender, if you have claims to a French charm. He must not dominate but. A garden in the style of Provence may not waive also a fountain. However, he should be more natural and simple. This fits well with the simple, rural character of the style.The furniture style matching the Provence, are also mandatory in a garden in this style. You must wear a rural, lightly used character. Plastic furniture that much to contemporary are what will not be.

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Without useful and functional decoration, we can achieve a great garden in the Provence bad style. The handmade items before everyone else are preferable. Even if they are not perfect, that’s no problem. The originality and the DIY go every other character in advance.

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