Fulfill your dream dressing

On occasion I have mentioned a common bond among women: coquetry …. and probably a dream shared by all is: one dressing.An open space where having exposed all your clothes and accessories, a place to spend long hours choosing and putting you beautiful to show the world, but also can become a competition for your guy because likely become your favorite space … however you can always share …


The dressing is perhaps one of the areas most desirable home for all but has two major drawbacks to carry it out …. space and money.

Most of us dressing conceived as a space next to our bedroom …. but to jump one of our obstacles (space) we will conceive otherwise, it is truly a place where we move to perform the function of dress and there find everything you need for this, so any room in the house can fulfill this role. I am aware that today houses are not very big and we can not all have our dressing, but I am convinced that many more if, sure many have some room in the house that can fulfill the dream of your life.


And now we have the second obstacle … money factor, because make no mistake if a cabinet is an expensive piece imagines an entire bedroom converted into a closet, but maybe there’s another way to do it … we will get ideas …

As you can see at first dispense with the cabinets and replace rods and shelves just above covering the same length and are going to take advantage as storage but as a decorative at the same time.

And in the continuous side with rows of shelves for bags and hats, is a luxury to have everything in sight in order to be more creative when deciding our locker room, but if there is something that we all are passionate about … shoes.

And I created when I tell you there yet original and simple ways to have all sight and ordered …. like this, that can make placing on the wall frame moldings, and there you have a whole world to choose designs and finishes … that I leave to your imagination.

And as we women can not do without scarves and necklaces I encourage you to put some more in the wall bar to be an original display for all those accessories.

And now comes the supreme moment of our flirtation … our beloved mirrors …

for any self-respecting wardrobe needs a large mirror, where you can admire Length, and as our casual dressing is best to leave the mirror resting on the ground.

As you can see the space is open and does not have any furniture yet, so I recommend you look dresser with large drawers, that will help your underwear, t …. and if you place a mirror above can act as a toilet for all those hair and makeup touch-ups.





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