For a home or falls smoothly

It is prudent to take into account the state of the soil, stairs and various wet surfaces from home to maximize the safety of the family.


Besides the good looks of our home, we must also take care of your security for the benefit of all members of the family. Slippery floors, carpets or stairs frequently raise domestic accidents, with some precautions can largely avoid.

One of the greatest dangers, especially for children and grandparents, are the stairs. If you have one in your home it is important that its surface is non-slip, but can place non-slip strips on each step with which you shall bring forth a concern off. If the staircase is lined with a carpet make sure it is securely fastened.



Another site to consider are the wet areas. Usually the kitchen, laundry and bathroom areas are home suffering water spills that can cause falls. The surface of porcelain or ceramic tiles are usually very slippery when wet. In this case it would be wise to think about the placement of non-slip floors , in the market there is vinyl flooring of this type and also take care of the aesthetics.

Also in the bathrooms … tubs and shower trays are source of potential accidents. It is important that the surface is anti-slipping, if not there is always the possibility of a product that would give that feature, otherwise the classic rubber mat will be helpful. Also suitable bulwarks bars that have to be secured to the wall in the bathroom, especially if you live at home elderly or disabled persons.

Carpets are a great decorative appeal, but sometimes can be annoying. Many times the carpets are not on site they should and are favorable only for tripping. It is important to have clear transit sectors, especially at the entrance, in the kitchen and hallways. It also often happens that certain slip mats for not having a good tread, causing slips and falls.


The ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles can be very slippery , which can easily be solved with the use of a slip product. There are three types, some products that are applied to the mop and only have reduced to a new application lifetime, others are used as varnishes generating any transparent slip paint layer, and finally the abrasive products are acting directly on the Material modifying the soil surface and creating small porosities permanently.

Finally , there is only recommend you use the right shoes, especially for children and the elderly. It is not advisable to walk with flip flops or other shoes not properly subject to foot, much less if you have stairs. If your floors are always slippery with nonskid soles.